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More perspective. With knowhow.

We verify, develop and optimize all parts and processes for you – in our laboratory.

Materials technology

Our in-house materials laboratory forms the basis for the innovative technologies of the ae group. Production processes are monitored by our qualified staff here and components developed and made ready for series production in cooperation with the sales and technical departments and clients.

  • Alloy optimisations, heat treatment optimisation and the advancement of the die casting technology
  • In-house training on material science and metallurgy transfers knowhow to serial production.
  • Mechanical/technological tests by means of 50kN universal testing machine incl. climatic chamber offer plenty of testing options for considering test evaluations at a high level.
  • Two incident light microscopes with 2000x magnification and two stereomicroscopes allow component testing into the minutest detail.
  • 250 kN universal testing machine, MU-2000 X-ray unit (with HDR technology)

Residual dirt analyses

  • Cleanroom class 8 residual dirt cabinet, in which even large axle drives can be analysed
  • ultrasonic facility with variable performance settings and a filling volume of up to 100 litres
  • swivel, spraying & injecting systems allow a majority of the tests demanded in the market to be performed in-house.
  • measuring microscope with automatic particle counter
  • air-conditioned cleanroom with filtered fresh air