new development project "SALZIG"

We are very excited to announce the start of an important project to make lost cores industrially, economically and sustainably usable in our high pressure die casting production. This allows us to offer our customers new possibilities and higher geometric degrees of freedom in designing their products – high assembly effort and risks of leakage due to two-part-components will become a thing of the past (e.g. to realize cooling channels).

The project team ae group, Fraunhofer IFAM, K+S Gruppe, SBS Ecoclean Group and BL&P are developing a new type of salt core that is not only to be recycled sustainably, but also has optimum properties in core production and use in the die casting process - thus we not only think of the environment, but achieve an economically and technologically innovative use of the lost core technology in die casting.

The project on which this publication is based was funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy under the grant number 03LB4001C. The author is responsible for the content of this publication.

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