ae group is taking first steps towards sustainable procurement management

The ae group has been producing 100% CO₂-neutral since June 2021. The next milestone of the group has already been set up, because an important key aspect is sustainable purchasing. In procurement management, CO₂ values, environmental certificates and life cycle assessments take on a new meaning with regard to competitiveness. "In order to make our value chain systematically more sustainable in the long term, we are working in our purchasing management on an effective CO₂ reduction with the aim of having a CO₂-neutral supply chain by 2030." says Heiko Guschelbauer, Head of Purchasing. "This will be a demanding path for our suppliers, but we are going down this path together with them."

In order to achieve this goal, the focus in procurement is on “local-for-local” supply chains. New requirements and standards for CO₂ reduction have been set. In addition, special attention will be paid to the environmental aspects of suppliers in the future.

A supply chain can be compared to a domino. Once the first domino stone “takes the first step towards CO₂-neutrality” through a change in procurement management, the rest of them follow. So the success of a green domino effect across the entire supply chain is measured by the falling of all domino stones. With our step towards CO₂-neutral procurement management, „the next domino stones follow” with the aim of a sustainable, future-oriented supply chain.

We look forward to your cooperation on this sustainable goal for OUR future.

Additional information for suppliers:

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