More variety. With selection.

We produce with customized materials – from standard alloys to special alloys.


The advanced technology of our foundries currently allows us to offer an alloy range of more than seven different alloys in production.

More than ten different alloys can be cast at the same time at the three locations. This allows smaller orders and special alloys such as e.g. 239 D (AlSi10Mg (Fe)) or ADC6 (AlMg3(a)) to be rapidly realised.

As well as the standard alloys 226 D (AlSi9Cu3 (Fe)) and 231 D (AlSi12Cu1 (Fe)), special alloys such as for example 360 (AlSi10Mg E), 590 (AlMg5Si2Mn) and 437 (AlSi9Mn) are employed.